Line Design website
Starfall Art Gallery
A delightful site for Key Stage 1 pupils about six famous artists and their work. There are literacy activities too and it promotes reading skills. Van Gogh is pronounced the American way.
Destination Modern Art
Designed for children from 5 to 8 years of age this website features works in New York's Museum of Modern Art. Explore the works of art, learn about the artists who painted them and try the online activities.
Shape Faces
This activity introduces the form of art known as Cubism. It shows how artists use shapes to make abstract pictures. Children can then make their own face in a similar style and print it out if they want.
Pointillist Paintings
Demonstrate the Pointillist technique of painting. Look at a picture painted using this technique then have a go at the online activity. Designed for Key Stage 2, but Key Stage 1 pupils would understand the website with explanation.
Learn ICT Picture Gallery
This superb gallery has a range of images for you to use in school projects.
M C Escher
View prints of 14 of M. C. Escher's famous works.
Tesselation town

Still Life Composer
NGA Kids Still Life Composer helps you to create pictures that are similar to the paintings of famous painters. Experiment with different effects, mixing everyday objects with items borrowed from famous works of art. You can print out your composition.

The Dancers and Degas
Explore the works of Degas through this interactive resource which examines some of his paintings featuring dancers. Zoom in on the images and checkout the teaching activities.
Cézanne's Astonishing Apples
Have some fun while you learn about Cézanne and some of his paintings. Zoom in on the images to take a closer look. There are ideas of things to do and an online story.

Circles in Pictures
This site explores the use of circles in pictures. Look at a picture based on the work on the artist Kandinsky and create a picture with circles using a colour palette and tool bar.

Art Sites
Van Gogh at Paris Museum
Claude Monet at Paris Museum
Claude Monet Gallery