First Grade Science Essential Standards-Click HERE to see the Essential Standards for K-2.
1.P.1 Understand how forces (pushes or pulls)
affect the motion of an object.
1.E.1 Recognize the features & patterns of the earth/moon/sun system
as observed
from Earth.
1.E.2 Understand the physical
properties of Earth materials that make them useful in different ways.
1.L.1 Understand characteristics
of various environments & behaviors
of humans that enable plants & animals to survive.
1.L.2 Suummarize the needs of living organisms for the energy & growth.
Bunny Balancelets students experiment with balance.
Tips for watching the moon
This website allows children to locate items that are made from
sand, clay, silt, pebbles, boulders. It's also got great pictures and definitions of each of those terms.
Stuff Happens:
Helping Plants Grow Well
Pushes and Pulls through the BBC website
Moon Calendar website allows you to pull up what the moon looks like each night.

Earthday Everyday Video
Growing Cress- Website that is interactive and discusses plant needs.
Forces and Movement through the BBC.
SONG- Where Does the Sun Go at Night?

Saving Energy for Kids Video

Mobile Maker- Build Mobles online and test them for balance.
Lunar Cycle Challenge-
This website has a lesson designed
for K-2. It also has a calendar
you can print of with the current month to have students draw how the moon is changing in the night sky.

Recycle Movie featuring Elementary School children

Sunrise, Sunset audio lesson you can play on SMART Board

Recycle Round Up Game

Michael, Michael, Go Recycle Game

Recycle City by EPA has activities and games

The Adventures of Kabman

The Adventures of Herman the Worm- Composting Website

Materials 2: has a lesson for Recycling based on the story The Three Little Pigs.

Earth Day Activities includes suggestions and links to help teachers include math activities on this important day.