Goal 1: The learner will conduct investigations and make observations to build an understanding of the needs of living organisms..
Polar Bears:

General Sites:
Penguin Links K-3 Resources
Polar Bear Links K-3 Resources
Life cycle of a frog
Bat Quest: In Search of Stellaluna's Family
Praying Mantis Sites
Rainforest Mammals
Animal Information from Birmingham Zoo
Little Penguin Photos

Bats Everything You Know Is Wrong
Spider Nest

Thinkquest Animals Library


Bats Up Close
econd Grade Spiders

Thinkquest Junior
Penguin Facts

Bat Conservation International
EEK! A Spider

Zoo In The Wild
Penguins Around the World

Bats 4 Kids
Call A Spider

Penguins-Antarctic Connection

Nigel's Bat Adventure video
World Almanac Spiders

Penguin from Australian Antarctic Division

Nigel's Night-Time Bat Adventure video
Spider Glider

Penguin from Enchanted Learning


Explorit Center Spiders

Environmental Education on Spiders

Giant Tarantula Video

Plant parts and needs games
Here is a website that allows students to grow plants and see what they need
Goal 2: The learner will make observations and use student-made rules to build an understanding of solid earth materials.This website links to National Geographic's episode about the Lost Crystal Caves. The caves are made entirely of crystals that were formed under extreme heat. The kids will enjoy this one!This website allows children to locate items that are made from sand, clay, silt, pebbles, boulders. It's also got great pictures and definitions of each of those terms.
Study Jams
Soil Investigations
Soil Structure
S.K. Worm Answers Soil Questions
Soil Songs
Yucky Worm Site
Herman the Worm Site

Goal 3: The learner will make observations and conduct investigations to build an understanding of the properties and relationship of objects.
Solids, Liquids, Gas song

Great new website that has animated cartoons about solids and liquids. The cartoons explain the differences between the states of matter.
Here is a website for Properties of Solids. It tests solid's ability to be waterproof, strong, flexible, and transparent. It is interactive for kids.
MagnazoneA simple sorting activity where children decide if materials are magnetic.Study JamsLots of video and activities for solids, liquids, and gases. Also information on mixtures...

Goal 4: The learner will make observations and conduct investigations to build an understanding of balance, motion and weighing of objects.
Bunny Balance
lets students experiment with balance.

Balances and MotionBalances and Motion activities

Here is a great website with lots of resources for Science activites!

Great activities for solids and liquids as well as goal 4 (pushes and pulls and balancing). These are interactive activities that would be good in computer lab or center time.

A website that allows students to virtually build mobiles and test them for balance before setting them in motion is a great supplement to your goal 4 in Science.

Earth Day Activities

  • Earth Day Activities includes suggestions and links to help teachers include math activities on this important day.

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