The following website features a compilation of online math games and activities that can be used to provide additional practice for Grades K-5. The website includes engaging activities that provide meaningful mathematics practice, website links, and interactive tools and manipulatives for the SmartBoard. You can even find some of the Investigations games, like Close to 20 and Close to 100, on the site. Study Jams- Cool Math Website for all grade levels!
ndex of Math Skills- Includes skill focused interactive lessons and practice

Math Playground has
kid friendly videos
that show how to complete many mathematical principals (How to read a stem and leaf, order fractions, compare numbers, reduce fractions,order of operations, PEMDAS, area and perimeter, etc....)

Calculation Nation

Hitting the target is a good angle game that shows effective use of the protractor

Math's ZoneMath's Zone for Angles practice- includes Banana Hunt and Kung Fu game

Polygon sort

Sorting Triangles activity online

geometry concepts :Parallel and perpendicular practice as well as lots of other geometry concepts to practice...sum of the measure of interior angles, etc..

Here is an activity with rotational symmetry.

Another site for symmetry (rotational and line).

BBC website with rotational symmetry animations and activities...good!

Guess my Rule with attribute shapes. Great activity for analyzing shapes.

Triangles and Quadrilaterals practice! Has great vocabulary usage too!

Interior Angles explanation from LAMP workshop


Teacher Tube has a 1.25 min video called The Place Value Rap. Kids are rapping about place value in whole numbers and decimals.

Chicken game that let's kids find the fraction of a whole number or match the fraction with its decimal equivalent.

Higher and LowerOrder the numbers. (You can also choose objects, words, fractions, decimals, or time)

Here is the website for multiplication patterns that is really good.

.Fraction Monkeys game- students have to hang the correct monkey on the number line using fractions.

Place Value Pirates match the written form to the standard form

Here is a website for decimals that you can play games on line.

Here is the link for the Fraction Track game.

Margaret helped me to find a fraction munchers game! It is good for equivalent fractions practice.

Wash Line game allows you to put decimals in order. There are several levels of difficulty.

Decimals Number Line
This is the best number line we've seen! As well as the usual flexibility of being able to change scales and markings you can zoom in on any area which makes it particularly good for use on interactive whiteboards in full-screen mode.

**Place Value Strategy** - [game for one or two players] A spinner is used to select a number, players then decide where to place the number in order to make the greatest possible decimal value.


[[ index2a|The Sequencer]] game is a string of beads with numbers on them. Children must figure out missing numbers according to the patterns.

Number Balance activity
is an interactive teaching site that allows you to show different equations on either side of the equal sign.

Function Machine game

Algebra blaster game- solve for x

Solving for the unknown- game

Equation matching game

Algebra website that features an interactive function table

This is an algebra website where students use pictures to balance equations.

Pan Balance
Interactive double pan balance that provides an environment in which to consider the concept of equivalence

Here is another website with a Function Machine game. It allows you to choose if you want to look for the input, output or rule.

Graphing on the coordinate plane- does involve some negative numbers.

Handling Data website allows students to interpret graphs and deal with mode, median, and range.

MULTIPLICATION PRACTICE ( I like this one! Kind of like Donkey Konk!) ( This tests your speed!) (Tests speed, not as flashy...) (Multiplication Eaters- Like the whole fraction munchers game!)

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