called Who Tube has lots of videos about wildlife living in Canada- teaches about Biodiversity, wetlands, and urban wildlife. Videos are about 10 minutes long with clear language and very kid friendly.

USA information
The Shepherd Software site is a nice one to visit to information about the states,capitals,state seals, mottos, industries, geography, etc...

Colonial America
13 Colonies Quiz
Congress for Kids
Travel Back to Colonia Times
13 Colonies - Online Resources
13 Colonies
Life in Colonial Williamsburg
13 Orginals - look for each Colony
Meet a Colonial Family
3 Events Leading to the American Revolution
Welcome to Colonial Williamsburg
The History Place- The Past into the Future
Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700's (Remember to "Click Here")
Spy Letters of the American Revolution
Liberty! The American Revolution
Jamestown Gazette (Remember to "Click Here")
Colonial Williamsburg
National History Day Project
US History: Colonial Cycle
Plimoth Plantation
Thirteen Colonies Power Point
Civil War

Manassas National Battlefield Park
The Civil War
Civil War Photographs
The Underground Railroad
America's Story From America's Library
Lee Surrenders
The Official Records of the War Of The Rebellion
Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War
Civil War Women

Teacher Tube has an 8 minute video on the History of the Underground Railroad- actual pictures and drawings are used in the video.

Lewis and Clark movie- kid friendly

World War II Remembered
World War II Remembered
World War II Remembered

Experience this era through the memories of those who survived.

A Native American game that involves data analysis.

Animaniacs States and Capitals song
Mayas, Aztecs, Incas

Mayan Kids is a website that gives information on the Mayans about the people, places, religion and calendar in an easy to read text. Great site for kids to use with research.
Maya Mystery website that has interactive adventures for students to learn about Mayan heiroglyphs and temples and lifestyles.
Quiz your Noodle by National Geographic has a great 10 question quiz about the Mayas. (Reading Mayan Hierglyphs)

Brain Pop - Mayan Culture

United Streaming has video on the history of chocolate

Brain Teasers in National Geographic has a great interactive activity about the Incas.

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