Study Jams- Cool Math Website for all grade levels!

The following website features a compilation of online math games and activities that can be used to provide additional practice for Grades K-5. The website includes engaging activities that provide meaningful mathematics practice, website links, and interactive tools and manipulatives for the SmartBoard. You can even find some of the Investigations games, like Close to 20 and Close to 100, on the site.
Calendar Practice Activities

Count by Game- allows children to count by any number 1-9. Lots of music. Very upbeat. Begins patterns like, "16, 18, _, _".

Maths- IWB resources allows you to model tens and ones has tens and ones activity
Chip Abacus allows children to trade 10 yellow chips for a green chip. Good to show trading.
Interactive Hundred Board lets you color numbers in to create patterns or skip count. Number Word and Standard Form Number Match Up game Higher and LowerOrder the numbers. (You can also choose objects, words, numbers)

Number track- place numbers in the correct order on the track. There are five levels of difficulty.

Lots of math games- funky mummy and shark numbers

Adding gameonline.

Under the Shellgame is great for subtraction practice!

Ways to make 10 game called
Save the Whale. It has missing addends.

missing addendsgame! This time with ladybugs!

Mend the 100's board interactive game- Kids fix the board by filling in the missing numbers.

Number Trackgame- place numbers in order on track.

Shoot a number to add to sums of 10!Adding should occur much quicker. This is a race!


IXL has probability activities
Random ball pickergame for probability

Pearson Success Net has probability games
that the children can play. They have to log in using their user name and password.

Crick Web has a game where students can sort according to their own rules.
Tally Chart
Use the tally chart to answer the questions in the quiz

Read the Graph 2
Study each graph and answer each question

Read the Graph
Study each graph and answer each question

Make Your Own Pictograph
Online tool to create pictographs

Bar Graphs
Make your own bar graph


Favorite Colors Bar Graph
Favorite Vegetables Bar Graph
Interpret the bar graph and answer the questions

Create a Graph
Need a graph, use this online tool to make one

Pictograph Creator
Make a pictograph with the online tool

Online Games and Manipulatives:

Illuminations from NCTM: (Includes interactive games, math lessons, and web links)
- How Many Under the Shell
- Concentration
- Ten Frame
- Patch Tool
- Grouping and Grazing
- Deep Sea Duel

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: (interactive manipulatives and tools)
Some favorites include Color Patterns, Attribute Blocks, Attribute Trains, Pattern Blocks, and Geoboard.

Online Games and Activities for K-1: (Investigations websites)

Variety of interactive games on First Grade math skills: (addition) (subtraction) (similar to the millionaire game show) (PBS Kids) (browse whiteboard resources) (games and worksheets)

Practice of First Grade Math Skills: (look under 1st grade)

Math Resources: (Math Resources – search by topic) (PowerPoints, SMART interactives, PDF’s etc….) (worksheets and blackline masters)

  • Back-to-School Activities
  • Fall Math Activities
    • Fall 2005 Math Activities: include Measurement Man, pumpkin activities, symmetric faces, coordinate graphing, samples of student work, literature connections and problem solving,
    • Fall 2006 Math Activities: include fall math activities, spider games, bat math, fall glyphs, fall coordinate graphing activities, fall problem solving and additional fall math activities
    • Fall 2007 Math Activities: include spider math, bat math, math-literature connections, problem solving, coordinate graphing games and activities and fall glyphs.
  • Winter Math Activities
    • Winter 2005 Math Activities: include Koch Snowflake, Penguin Math, Snowflake Activities, Snowman Problem Solving, Literature Connections, Winter Glyphs, Winter Data Collection, Gingerbread Activities, Winter Coordinate Graphing, Holiday Problem Solving, and samples of student work.
    • Winter 2006 Math Activities: include penguin math, winter coordinate graphing activities, snowflake activities, literature connections, winter glyphs, winter problem solving and links to additional online activities
    • Winter 2007 Math Activities: include Winter Geometry, Pattern Block Snowflakes, Snowman Math, Penguin Math, Gingerbread Math, Winter glyphs, Winter Coordinate Graphing Activities, Winter Problem Solving, Winter Math-Literature Connections, and Links to Winter Math Activities on the web.
    • February 2006 Math Activities, updated for 2007, include Freedom Quilts, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, Winter Olympics
    • Valentine's Day 2008 Math Activities include Valentine Probability, Valentine Discrete Math, Valentine Quilts, and Valentine Symmetric Faces.
  • 100th Day of School Activities
    • 100th Day Activities includes suggestions and links to help plan this important mathematical day.
    • Math-Literature Connections: 100th Day of School lists books about 100 that may be used as part of the 100th Day celebrations. Activities for these books are currently under development so check back for additions.

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