Reading Journals
Website with journals that you can customize for your reading notebooks-


Pioneer Valley website allows you to read a book at their text level at an independent reading station.

This section of Starfall is good reading practice for students in levels F-H.

Super Teacher Worksheets- Reading Comprehension passages
Into the Book is a great site for resources for the reading skills of visualizing, questioning, inferring, synthesizing, summarizing, connections, prior knowledge, and evaluating. There are songs, videos, games, and teacher resources like posters.Create your own Word Frames worksheets for spelling words. Garden Leaves
Sorting cvc words according to their endings. Best in full-screen view.

Here is a website that allows students to play with word families. It's called Dub Cubs.

Here is a website that allows children to practice spelling.

The Whirley Word machine is a great game for CVC word building.

Here is a website with useful literacy information.

Kathy Bumgardner website is a great resource for reading!

This is a great resource for word wall activities!


This is a website for final sounds practice.

This is a great website for phonics and word work. It has word families activities. They may useful during literacy centers, computer lab time, or remediation/enrichment time.

Sound Buttons Phase 2

A phonics teaching tool. Select the sets of phonemes which you need and create CVC, CVCC and CCVC words.


Robert Munch
Jane Yolen
Tomie dePaola
Stephen Kellogg
Arnold Lobel
David Shannon
Eric Carle

Jan Brett
Helen Lester
Mayer, Mercer

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