Animal Adaptations web quest where students use computer to answer adaptations questions about particular animals.

How Animals Met their needs online game

Animal **Adaptations**
How fast can you match up animals' adaptations?

Predator and Prey adaptations interactive site

Masters of Disguise Video

Rags to Riches Quia game on Adaptations

Animal Adaptations lessons- lots of great ideas that involve hands on practice to help kids understand a variety of adaptations.

Study Jams

Blast Off Game

Nutrition activities and games

Nutrition Exploration game

**Make a Balanced Plate**
Sort the foods on the plate to see which food groups they belong to.


This website links to National Geographic's episode about the Lost Crystal Caves. The caves are made entirely of crystals that were formed under extreme heat. The kids will enjoy this one!
Study Jams has lessons and games on rock types and the rock cycle.


Circuits and Conductors online activitiy

Circuit Builder online activity

Who Can Resist? Online activity where students learn about completing a circuit and insulators and conductors.

Study Jams has video, games, and activities related to electricity and magnetism- All in kid friendly ways!

Condor Safety Article would be great to read in Literacy Stations

Forces and Magnetism activities and games

This game is great for teaching about how **magnets attract/repel** each other.

Here is a website put out by **Duke Power** about how electricity is made. It talks about conductors and insulators.

Here is a great website for **science**. It has adaptations and magnets as well as other things. Look at the site for fifth grade too, as it has even more adaptations ideas and activities.

This website has lots of **interactive science activities on everything from magnets, friction, sound, circuits, conductors, Earth/Moon/Sun and others.** Great website!

**Energy Kit activities** PDF file (This file says lessons for 6th grade, but they are appropriate for our 4th grade SCOS.