Into the Book is a great site for resources for the reading skills of visualizing, questioning, inferring, synthesizing, summarizing, connections, prior knowledge, and evaluating. There are songs, videos, games, and teacher resources like posters. Multiplication Activities

Rectangle Multiplication - this website allows you to choose how you want to arrange the arrays. In the grouping feature, it uses the terminology groups of and number in the group to draw arrays. It also has a lattice multiplication feature which is the only virtual way I've seen to teach the lattice method.

The Product Game is a fun game that you can play against your kids on the SMART Board. It is sponsored by Illuminations and involves using multiplication and strategy to get 4 in a row to win.

math cats explore the **multiplication** table
Watch the grid change size and shape as you drag the sliders to make new multiplication facts.

Interactive Arrays

Division Activities:

Exploring Division - separate one large group into equal smaller groups.
Division Facts - use an array to find a quotient.
Rectangle Division - explore and practice division using pictures